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Our service includes:


Chest wall

  • All cases of trauma related to chest, including modern treatment of flail chest and multiple rib fractures by using rib stabilizers
  • Chest wall deformities Nuss Procedure (minimal invasive correction of chest wall deformities)
  • Benign and malignant chest wall tumors, resection and reconstruction



  • All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for pleural diseases



  • Staging and surgical treatment of lung cancer, working actively with pulmonologists to diagnose
  • Treating benign lung diseases like hydatid cyst of the lung and others



  • All diagnostic procedures (Video assisted mediastinoscopy),
  • Therapeutic procedures, including multiport and uniportalVAT Thymectomy for patients with myasthenia gravis, working with neurologists; and thoracoscopic sympathectomy for patients with hyperhidrosis palmaris, working with dermatologists



  • Rigid bronchoscopy dilatation of tracheal stenosis and tracheal resection for benign tracheal stenosis



  • Treating benign esophageal diseases (Lap Hillers myotomy for achalasia) and types of Esophagectomy for malignant esophageal tumors, working in close relation with the gastroenterology team


Quality measures

  • The service adheres to the principles of clinical governance and standards set by the Joint Commission for International and Health Care Accreditation Council
  • Consultant-led service with every patient under the care of senior doctors supported by a multidisciplinary team
  • Regular audit of outcomes and weekly meetings within the department and its subspecialties
  • Ensuring that we maintain an excellent record in delivering patient centered quality care


Our Specialists